What are well drinks

Well Drinks have been around for quite some time now. Basically, a well drink is made by mixing some generic liquor and you can find them in almost every bar around. It consists of one house liquor and mixers. The quality of liquors used by a bar may vary, while some use very good quality liquors for their well drinks and dives tend to scrape the bottom of the barrel. You might be wondering the different kinds of liquors used in well drinks. The liquors used in well drinks are; gin, tequila, whiskey, vodka and scotch. Apart from that; there are some bars which use melon liquer, amaretto, peach schnapps and tripe.

Why do people call them “Well Drinks”?

The reason such drinks are known are well drinks is; the term comes from the “well” which is a place where bartender has juices, ice and most used liquers. In a nutsell, well drinks are the drinks made with the cheapest liquor available. Let’s say; you ordered the cheapest vodka and a cranberry, it would know as a well drink. Just in case you do not specify the kind of liquor you want, the bartender will simply pour the well liquor which is called a well drink.

One must specify what kind of liquor they want

Like discussed earlier, a well drink is a drink made from the cheapest liquor available in a bar. So, it is always best to specify the kind of liquor you are looking for because that way, you would know exactly what liquor you are getting. Basically, you can use the term well liquor if you want the cheapest drink and your hands are cuffed with a tight budget. You can simply say “I want my drink with the well liquor”, that way you would not sound cheap and it definitely sounds better.

Are you on a budget?

If you are on a budget, a well drink is the last resort, but most often they are lesser brands and lower quality. So, the next time you go to a bar and are on a tight budget, simply refer to a well drink and enjoy! But, do some research on the brands of liquors being used in a bar, so that you do not end up with the cheapest brand available in the market. That is all about well drinks!

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Well Drinks: Tips for Your Time at the Bar

If you love drinking, and consuming alcohol is your idea of enjoyment, well drinks will be your saviour, if your pocket getting lighter is one of your worries. Well Drinks are the mixes served made from the cheaper liquor stocked at the bar. It is the alcohol that you get when you are not specific about a brand to the bartender, and it is pocket friendly also.

Origin of the Name:

In usual bars, the well drinks are stocked in a rack (or speed well) near the area where they keep the ice and the juices. Usually, the ‘well’ is just below the bar desk. The concept behind such a placement is the alcohol being in close range of the bartender, allowing him to serve the customer in minimal time and at his convenience. In other words, you can say that a bar tender’s first preference to serve you would be a well drink, given that the you don’t specify what brand you would like to have. Ordering a Vodka 7 would get you a well drink, which would be cheap vodka with lemon-lime soda. If you are more specific, say, Absolut Vodka 7, you just got yourself a call drink.

Some pointers to note:

Though having well drinks allows you to drink more and spend less, there are always responsibilities that you should demonstrate at the bar. The most important responsibility would obviously mean knowing your limits, and staying within them. You would not want to be blacked out for the night, just because you could afford it. Special care should be taken if you drove to the bar, either have a sober companion along, or make a take-away order at the bar. Also, keep a check on the kind of liquor you are consuming. Having large quantities of sweet alcohol will lead to you waking up to a bad hangover. Sweet liquor consumption also speeds up body dehydration.

Types of Well Drinks:

Though a well drink is just a cheaper version of cocktails, there are a few popular well drinks that are commonly available. These are Cape Cod, Greyhound, Mexican Bay Breeze, Paloma, Rum and Coke, Scotch and Soda, Salty Dog, Voska Sunrise, Vodka 7, Tequila Sunrise, Screwdriver etc. Again, it is worth mentioning that availability of a cocktail in the well drinks varies from bar to bar. A well drink at a bar might not be considered one at the other.

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All about Well Drinks

Well Drinks is the term given to cheap liquor that bars usually keep in their stock. Most bars have ‘wells’ where they stock up their cheaper alcohols. Bars serve from this well when a customer doesn’t ask for any brand specific drink for example, if you ask the bartender for a Vodka with Coke, you would be served out of the ‘well’ with the vodka of a cheaper brand. On the other hand, asking for an Absolut with Coke would enable you to be served with the vodka of that specific brand, and the price, of course.

Common Well Drinks:

A well drink always refers to a cheaper brand of any given liquor product. The most commonly available well drinks are rye (whiskey), scotch, gin, rum and vodka. Some of the common well drinks combinations are the screwdriver (vodka, and orange juice), coke with rye, scotch with soda, gin with tonic etc. All of the alcohol that is used as well drinks is stocked up in a rack usually next to the ice in a usual bar setup, or below the bar desk, unlike the expensive alcohol, which is on display on the shelves.

Features of Well Drinks:

The concept of well drinks is designed to be economical, both for the customer and the bar tender. Well drinks are usually at hand of the bar tender, well within reach to save both time and energy while serving. For the customer, well drinks are easy on the pocket, especially when one tends to consume a good quantity of alcohol. Usually, bar tenders serve from the well when a customer asks for a drink. Its only when the customer specifies the brand that the bar tender serves from the shelf. The quality of liquor stocked in a well also varies from bar-to-bar. Good bars stock higher end liquor in their well, while the cheaper bars by default stock the cheaper brands.

Customer Acceptance:

When it comes to alcohols, studies reveal that people generally tend to be influenced by the assumed cost of a drink. If they assume the price of a drink to be higher than the other one, they would likely enjoy the former drink which has a higher assumed price. Owing to this fact, people do not take time adapting to liking the taste of generic brands served out of the well, obviously because of them opting for the well due to the economies involved. Ignoring the paradox of how your taste is influenced by liquor price, one can actually relish a well drink.

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